Celina Tech Session Requests



Celina Tech Session Requests

After an exhaustive discussion with my
Amphi we have decided to request the
following Celina Tech Session topics;

1) An in water brake adjustment. This
would involve a wrench and someone
brave enough to bare the green brackish
Celina water. Of course it could be just
as easily simulated by jacking an Amphi
off all 4 tires... but where is the novelty
in that? However, some might even
benefit from learning the proper jacking

2) Converting the gas gauge to a negative
ground system. Although Amphi & I do
not subscribe to this heinous act, we do
recognize the legitimate need for those
taking the plunge into the realm of a
negative earth electrical system. This
would involve a gauge, a soldering iron,
and someone with an incredibly steady
hand (not to mention a magnify glass &
and host of jewelers tools).

3) Learning to communicate with your
Amphi on a telepathic level. This would
be an invaluable lesson for all, as Amphi
communication is an essential part off
Amphi cohabitation. Learn to listen to
subtle Amphi telepathic remarks and then
practice the appropriate responses. This
would require an Amphi with something
to say and someone capable of listening
and interpreting the Amphi speak. Does
anybody know such an individual?

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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