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Hi All,

T shirts really look great this year and I want the members that are
not coming to Celina to have a chance to purchase some. The price is
$13 and Shipping . The club makes all the profit on these if there is
any and I need to know by Sunday night yes I said SUNDAY night what
size and qty you need. If after SUNDAY NIGHT you want a shirt I may
have some left over after the swim in but I can not guarantee the
sizes will be left.




Hi Everyone

As you may know there will be a new tshirt design and concept this
year and you were suppose to pre register before July 1st with your
pre orders. Well heres the deal we do not want alot of shirts left
over this year so if you pre order you will have a shirt if you do not
you may very well not have one as we will only have a few over prints.
So email Gloria right away this week as we go to press next Monday and
then in August you can buy Dave's old battered tshirt off of ebay.

Look forward to seeing every1