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Sharing the following from the IAOC . Same article also references recovered Amphi .Here is link from around when that happened


Celina Swim-in 2018
July 26-29, 2018
Update #3
I have to apologize to everyone who does not know about “The Eagle’s”that I refer to when I am writing about the Celina Swim-in. I forgot that some of you have not been to this Swim-in before so you don’t know what I am talking about. “The Eagle’s” is the Fraternal Order of Eagles. It is a social club, like the Moose, the Elks. They are located right on Grand Lake St. Marys in Celina. They have two boat ramps and a small marina for their members. There is a large banquet room that they let us use for our events, the swap meet and dinner. They have a large bar area and a kitchen that serves great bar food and pizza. They are located at 1400 E. Market Street in Celina. We have held the National Swim-in there, I think for 15 years. The staff is great. The facilities work out wonderful for our purposes and they welcome us back every year.

ACTIVITIES UPDATE – On Thursday, July 26 for those of you that are there, Mike Bayman is going to hold aNEW EVENT for the Swim-in. In the past schedules, we called it a “Water Safari” but Mike has changed the name to a “LAKE CRAWL”. Mike has been planning a combination swimming and driving event that will take you to see some of the more interesting sights of Celina, both on land and from the water side of the city. There are a number of boat ramps so you will be going in and out of the lake on this tour. It should last about 1- 1 ½ hours. It starts at 1:00 pm.

SWAP MEET – On Saturday, there is going to be a Swap Meet where you can bring and sell or buy Amphicar related parts. Gordon Imports brings tons of new parts to sell at the Swap Meet, so if you need something it might be there. If you need something special you might want to check with Shellee to see if they are planning on bringing it there. It’s a great way to buy parts and save on shipping costs. So if you have some items to sell bring them along.

IN WATER GAME – The third In Water game we have planned this year is going to be held on Saturday. This is a NEW game for us. We can it“Scrabble”. As the name implies, it is similar to the board game by the same name. In our case, we will have 300 tennis balls (yes, they float) each with a letter and a point value on them. The object of the game is to collect balls out of the water and make a word with the highest point value. The winner will receive a trophy. If you have a net, bring it along. We have some you can borrow but not enough for everyone. Or you can make it sporty and just pick the balls up by hand.

DRIVING, SWIMMING OR RELAXING?One member contacted me and was concerned about how much driving there is scheduled for the Swim-in. Please be assured that all of the activities we have planned are totally optional. If you do not want to participate in some of the activities, that fine. If you don’t want to take your car in the water, that’s fine. The only two events that I personally would like you to participate in are the Group Photo and the Dinner on Saturday. It’s also fun to just sit and talk to other Amphicar owners and look at their cars in the parking lot. There are other things to do in the Celina area. There is a great bicycle museum in New Bremen, OH. The Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta, OH. The Airstream Trailer Factory in Jackson Center, OH. There is also a car show in downtown Celina on Saturday, as well as an Arts & Crafts Fair in conjunction with the Lake Festival.

REGISTRATION FORM- We need everyone who is coming to Celina to complete the Registration Form. If you “pre-registered” on the website, we now need you to complete the actual full registration form. You can find it in the last issue of Wheels and Waves, on the www.Amphicar.comwebsite or attached to Gordon Imports - Weekend Specials e-mail that they send out every Friday. We need all the information to be filled out including the names for the name badges and if you are bringing the kids we need their names and ages. Please send the completed form to Mike Bayman, 4372 W. US Hwy. 36, Urbana, OH 43078 or e-mail him atbayman4@ctcn.net. You can also order the Swim-in T-shirts on this form. Please do it today so you don’t forget.

BARNFIND – Recently on the websitewww.barnfinds.com, there was an article about an Amphicar that was recovered from the bottom of a lake where it had resided since 1985. Actually, it looked in fairly good condition in terms of the metal work. If you know the whereabouts of this car, we thought it would be interesting to hear what happened to it. We do not have any other information on it except the information in the article. Here is the link to the article.https://barnfinds.com/underwater-since-85-sunk-amphicar-rescue/.
We updated the mailing list used to power these e-mails. If you missed any of the two previous Updates let me know and I will send them to you.

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I believe that submerged car was shipped to Florida and restored down there and restored in a shop North of Miami..

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