Celina Registration - need a ride

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David Derer

Might be an idea to post names of people registered. Its a good
reminder for those not and it allows those who registered a
confirmation. Plus it allows for some peer pressure. Right B.C. from MN?
Hey is that guy from MI-TN-now WI coming? Margie and I will need to
hitch rides. Son Ray said no way, I pulled rank, but had to give him My
car. Hagerty Insurance once again a pleasure to do business. They had
no problem with having Ray a soon to be 17 year old to be fully
insured. So if You see a yellow Amphi cranking "God Smack" throwing out
Mt. Dew cans while splashing bystanders while talking on a cell phone
blame Billy. Later Dave the see You soon in Celina Wave