Celina Raffle


Kazoo Books II

What a wonderful week in Celina. Phyllis and I want to thank everyone
who donated something for the raffle. The cause was Cystic Fibrosis. A
chapter in Wisconsin that has helped the Behnke's with Abby. Again, the
IAOC matched the fantastic amount raised by the members. Mark has the
exact amount, but it was around $1800. Good Show All, as Dave Chapman
might say.
Thanks to Behnke's for giving us the heads up on the charity and for
donating items for the raffle. Others who need a pat on the back and
many thanks are: John Capone & Kay, Hugh and Jeani Gordon, Ed & Sharon
Koops, Tom & Cindy Jones, Doug & Phyllis Parsons and their daughter
Brandi, Wayne & Kathy Schmiedlin, Gord Souter, Brad & Jill Swager,
Squeak & Donna Skogen and the entire group from St Croix Amphicar club
in Stillwater. Let's not forget the Eagles of Celina and especially
Dani and the crew at the Holiday Inn Express. Thanks to Jim for all the
help. I probably have forgotten to mention some people and hope they
understand. Thank Yous to everyone who helped over the weekend. Great
Weather. Great People. Great Fun.
Gloria Tiller

Thank You
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