Celina Prep?

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    Celina Prep?
    Oh how I wish I were bringing my Amphi to
    Celina! Alas it is not to be this year, but just
    being there is its own magic. Of course I'll relay
    all the wonders to Amphi (and Mermaid) upon
    my return. Packing for Celina is easy if you're
    a pathetic tourist such as myself. Most important
    thing to remember is my waterproof camera. If
    provided enough alcoholic beverages I may just
    plunge into the brackish green radioactive water
    of the Hot Hole and shoot a few photos from under-
    neath someone's Amphi. Might make for a decent
    calendar photo? so be sure your Amphi's underbelly
    is looking good too!

    Peeked in on Amphicar.com & the sister site
    Amphicar.net and discovered a tribute page to
    our departed Father of the Amphicar - Hanns
    Trippel. Well done! The Celina activity listing
    looks pretty sweet as well. Can hardly wait!!!

    I suppose if I could suggest 2 things for consideration
    in the coming weeks they would be:
    #1 - Take a minute to inspect your rear axle
    boots (all the way around and the clamps) since
    an axle boot mishap will turn Amphi into a sub-
    marine almost as fast as opening the passenger door.
    Probably a good idea to have a peek at the steering
    box boot as well. No doubt I'm preaching to the choir,
    but then again there are some newbies joining us and
    once sunk your weekend might not be all that terrific.
    #2 - Save some energy and join in on the parade
    through town. Last year it rained a little and many
    owners were too hungover to be bothered with the
    parade. Those that did partake were great and Celina
    townspeople love our Amphicars. Please remember
    to WAVE to the crowds - after all they are there to see
    US and we do appreciate their hospitality.

    Well the sun is shining here in San Diego, so
    Mermaid & I will take to the lake and give our
    Amphi a much deserved swim.

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego, CA

    PS - Anyone going to be in the chat nook Monday
    night? Surely there must be something to discuss.
    Here is the web address for those who need to know.

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