Celina Lodgings & Washington, DC Gathering


Bill Connelly

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<font face="Arial" size="2">The Club's Board became aware even during last year's Celina gathering that things might be getting a little tight in Celina lodgingswise, what with the ever increasing Swim-In attendance each year and the Classic Car Show being there at the same time and all. From recent postings it is clear that we have to start thinking about some solutions.</font>
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<font face="Arial" size="2">One intriguing possible remedy to the "Sorry, butthe inn is full" syndrome was suggested by theever-helpful City Fathers of Celina themselves last year: It seems that there is a nearby lakeside cabin-filled campsite and park with boat launches and everything we'd need that we as a Club might be able to rent. Apparently the place is occasionally used for scout jamborees and that sort of thing, but may very well be available for us.</font>
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<font face="Arial" size="2">I will move tothe rest of the Club's Boardthat we explorethisoption forthwith...</font>
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<font face="Arial" size="2">While on the topic of 'gatherings', it's looking like this weekend is going to be a very nice one indeed here in the Washington, DC area, with the sun shining and temperatures in the mid-60s. Australian IAOC Clubmember Rowan Hatfield will be dropping by my place in Springfield, Virginia this weekendon the first leg of his Grand North American Parts Scrounging 'Walkabout' (see http://www.amphicar.com/ads.htm ). So, if anyonein the mid-Atlantic/East Coast area is looking for an excuse to get away with their Amphi and might like to form up with us and cruise down the snakey Occoquan River (MYFAVORITE AMPHICAR RIVER ON EARTH) on Saturday or perhaps Sunday, and then maybe have a nice barbeque, do drop me a line at bilgemaster@amphicar.net.Because new construction is not allowed along most of the Occoquan River, nor arewatercraft in excess of 10 hp, it is about the closestyou are likely to getto feeling in your Amphi like Henry Hudsonpoking along the rivers of the New World. With the leaves just taking color, thecomplete lack of obnoxious unmuffled twin-V-8 enginedwakemakers and zig-zagging submorons on jetskis, andvistas largely uncluttered by evidence of mankind,we are talking about one pleasant cruise here....So do think about it. And besides,you don't want to miss a chance toget to meet Rowan, the famous Ozzie 'fish magnet' (see http://www.escribe.com/automotive/amphicar/m2717.htmlfor more details on hispersuasive piscene powers). And don't worry about that 10 hp limit on the Occoquan or for that matter anywhere else with a similar horsepower cap. The Club's got you covered at http://www.amphicar.com/WaterHorsepowerStatement.htm.I would be happy toadvise anyone interestedon local lodgings and othermatters.</font>
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<font face="Arial" size="2">~Bilgemaster~</font>