Celina ... here we come!



Alrighty then... Mermaid and I
will be at the Comfort Inn...
(stangering distance from the
Eagles Lodge) and will be in
search of generous amphibians
who need passengers. Going
to bring my new and improved
propeller beanie for increased
aero/hydrodynamics too. I'm
as giddy as a school girl on
prom night. Also have this
years Amphibian of Year Awards
for presentation at Saturday
night's dinner. You don't wanna
miss that my fine finned friends!
To all a safe passage to the
enchanted land of Celina, Ohio.

'64 Amphicar (Turquoise)
'68 Jag XKE (Opalesent Blue)
'69 Olds Cutlass (Forest Green)
'94 Mazda Miata (Deep Blue)
'99 Subaru GT (Silver)
San Diego, CA