Celina group photo


Marc Schlemmer

Just as a follow up....I spoke to the Celina photographer yesterday, and he
said he got the first sample back from printing (after his batch that he
rejected). He is happy now, and expects to have the full lot of photos
ready to send out next week....(the week of Oct. 2nd)
I'll let everyone know as I find out anything else.

Marc Schlemmer.

Marc Schlemmer

....received my framed group photo from Celina today! Boy was I excited
when we pulled in the driveway and saw it up against the front door. I
couldn't wait to open it.
It really looks great.....a nice, sharp clear picture. I think you all will
be pleased.
If you ordered one, it should be arriving any day now!

Marc Schlemmer.

- thanks to Doug Parsons for coming up with the idea and finding the

Marc Schlemmer

I like your photo idea with naming the people...great idea!
Your file didn't come with your email, however.
I'd suggest either uploading it to the Files section of the Yahoo site, or
emailing it directly to those who would like to help you "fill in the
I for one would be glad to help if you send me the file. I have the
Registration List that Elizabeth filled out as everyone signed in which may
help me fill some in.


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