Celina extra bed/ floor ....Help

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Everything changes. I may be going to Celina free bird style. Does anyone have extra space for a single? Maybe Friday maybe just Saturday? Later Dave

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Looks like I may be in the same boat... Ron T had a room booked at Holiday exp. I was going to take but when we checked out the Res, it had me moved from weekend to Monday. 18th to 21 or something weird!
so Im up in air now too,
mabe I may have to bring Motorhome.

Ron Green

I would call the hotels below and check for cancellations. From speaking to West Lake the other day I was under the impression they still had room available?

Here are the Celina hotels and contact info:

Holiday Inn Express $99.00 nightly 419-586-4919

Americas Best Value Inn (across from Eagle's w/new management) $90.99 nightly. 419-586-4656

West Lake Village $90.00 Thurs. and 135.00 Fri/Sat nightly 419-584-1444

West Bank Inn 419-584-3625

Be sure to mention that you are with the Amphicars.