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  1. Bill Connelly

    What a great Swim-In! It just gets bigger and better every year! While
    each and every person who attended played a hand in making Celina such a
    roaring success, you just had to be hugely impressed with how well
    everything was planned and coordinated behind the scenes. Sure, I got that
    "Amphibian of the Year 2001" award plaque and all, but while I may have that
    stunning golden bilge pump mounted on a tasteful walnut plaque hanging on my
    wall, whenever I look at it I'll be thinking not just about the likes of
    Marc, Elizabeth, Doug, Ren? and others who REALLY put in the hours to pull
    off what was clearly a hugely complex logistical coup and make it all seem
    transparently effortless and seamless, I'll also be thinking about folks
    like Frank Carione who make the Swim-Ins such a success simply by showing up
    every year. (In case you didn't know, Frank has been to EVERY SINGLE
    Swim-In since the first one in '94, and in the end that's what it's all
    about and why they're worth the trouble).

    Since I was apparently the only one this year to show up with an Amphi under
    its own steam and not on a trailer, a lot of folks were asking me just
    exactly how far and long it took from Virginia where I lived.
    Unfortunately, I had to admit that I really had no idea exactly how far it
    was, so I made certain to note some basic statistical information during the
    return trip. These figures below may or may not be of interest to future
    possible "long haul" Amphi drivers. Like they say, your mileage may vary.
    'Til next year!

    ~Bilgemaster~ :


    Recorded Mileage from Celina, OH to Springfield, VA -- 544 miles

    Actual Travel Time -- 13 hours (includes long dazed staring at a hot roast
    beef sandwich)

    Average "Perceived" Speed (How fast I thought I was doing) -- About 50-60

    Actual Average Measured Speed (distance/hours, including stops) -- 42 mph

    Number of "mechanical stops" -- 3 (1 gas line clog purging and 2 wiper

    Number of "gas, coffee and stretch" stops -- 6

    Number of odd smelling toothless geezers attracted during stops -- 8

    Number of Ashley Judd or Cindy Crawford lookalikes attracted during stops --

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