Celina Amphicar Record

Greetings all!
There hasn't been much chatter about breaking the Amphicar attendance record at Celina this year so I thought I'd throw this out there. There is a well published photo of many Amphicars taken at Celina (on the lawn) that I think is the current record. Zooming in on the photo I counted 59 or 60. Does anyone know what year that photo was taken and what the correct count is?
There is also another photo with many Amphicars in the water. Is that the current record photo?
Seems to me I read that the goal this year is 100+. Just wondering what the current record is and what year it was accomplished.
Brian Crombie
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The very first year in Celina was 1999, and 26 cars made it. That was the most for a club Swim In in the states up until then.
The photo Gord posted taken from a helicopter was in 2001, when 58 Amphicars attended.
In 2002 there were 64 in attendance.
According to the club newsletter, 2006 had 67....and as far as I know, that was the most to come to Celina.



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