Celina 2019 Swim-In

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The following is from the IAOC regarding Celina 2019. Celina is the largest annual gathering of Amphicars on the planet.

20th Anniversary Swim-in Update #2

I promise not to send an update every week, at least not until we are closer to the date of the Celina Swim-in which is July 24-28, 2019, but I wanted to make sure you received some of the basic information early, so you can do some planning.

Registration Form: I have attached a copy of the registration form. Please fill it out and send it to Mike Bayman. His address is on the form. One important point is to make sure we have all of the names of the people who are coming so we can make the nametags. Also, if you are bringing children we need their names and ages. Last year, we had some issues of not knowing if the kids name was a boy or girl, so please indicate the age and sex of the children as well.

Pre-Registration on www. Amphicar.com: We have also set up a sign up list on the club’s website so you know who is coming. This also helps us pre-plan for the number of guests for the meals. So please sign up on the website, in addition to sending in the registration form.

Camping Information: In the last Update, we listed the various hotels in Celina. For those of you who are camping or staying in your RV, we recommend reserving a space at the Mercer County Fairgrounds. They have excellent facilities that members have stayed at for years. It is only a little over a mile from The Eagle’s where we are headquartered. You can contact them at 419-586-3239. You can also book a campsite on their website which is www.mercercountyfairohio.com. Their address is 1001 West Market Street, Celina, OH.

Tech Topics: If you have some topics that you would like to have covered at the Tech Session, let us know ahead of time so that the presenters have the ans


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So why is this listed as the 20th Anniversary Swim-In when it will be the 21st Swim-In held in Celina? The first time the Amphicars came to Celina was 1999.