Amphicar Expert
I will be coming to Celina on the 27th.
If you need any Amphicar parts let me know and I will bring them with me.
I will bring a fiberglass front hood and my new sit on seat toppers for conv top when down.(2)
I will have a complete grey interior kit, A red floater style rear seat bottom.


AMPHI,interior gords red 012.jpg

Jon March

Im still trying to get my car together for Naples in August Gord - Enjoy Celina - and say HI to Pat & Larry DePasquale for me!


Amphicar Expert
On the way to Hot Hole, parade, Sams unit,Island on Lake Erie

Oversold all seat Toppers more being made, Herb will bring back on 20th.

Bob with 2Bs having a corn roast Niagara on the Lake

Celina 17 011.JPG

Celina 17 020.JPG

Celina 17 017.JPG

Celina 17 024.JPG