Celina 2003... the aftermath



Whoa? that was fun. Understatement? more like it was an incredibly
fantastic aquatic decadent fun filled weekend adventure. Amphi had
the time of his life, as did Amphipoda & Mermaid. The entire weekend
was exceptionally well organized and orchestrated thanks to Marc S. &
the entire IAOC board and numerous volunteers. Really great T-
shirts, name buttons and dash plaques!!! This club's members are so
wonderful and so fun to be with it was hard to believe the weekend
was over. I'd be remiss if I didn't say thanks to the following that
helped make that the best Amphicar weekend of my life;
Steve R. ? for helping with Amphi transport costs by bring his Amphi
along too.
Scott M. ? for diagnosing my voltage regulator problem.
Mike E. ? for supplying me with a voltage regulator.
Marty P. ? for helping me get Amphi back together in the dark.
Hugh G. ? for having a voltage regulator & donating props for the
Doug P. ? for escorting the LA photographers during the explore the
lake cruise.
Billy S. ? for organizing the Otterbuin (spelling?) retirement home
Ed H. ? for manning our bubble machine during the parades.
Al & Debra ? for the bird's eye view of Celina & St. Marys.
The Eagles ? for their amazing dedication to our amphibious silliness.
The town of Celina ? for their tolerance of our amphibious silliness.
Holiday Inn & Comfort Inn ? for going above & beyond many, many times.
The Moose Lodge ? for all the glorious wannabe mermaids who got
soaked and loved it.
And a special thanks to all those who took the time to express their
appreciation for my newsletter column (Amphipoda's Perspective) and
my digest postings. It means a lot to me that people actually read
and enjoy my ramblings? you have once again fueled my fire. Thank

The 2003 Amphibian of the Year Awards were presented to Billy "Splash
King" Syx and that Dave "the Wave" Derer dude. Both gracious and
very deserving gents indeed. The Golden Mermaid Award was presented
to Elizabeth Schlemmer on behalf of all our amphibious spouses and
for all her tremendous behind the scenes contributions. Thanks so
very much for everything you do Elizabeth.

Dave the Wave had a 36 inch pole light and I had a 4 inch pole
light?. If I told you once, I told you a thousand times ? Never judge
a man by the size of his pole light! Having a 30 foot bilge
squirter sorta makes up for any "short comings" in my opinion.

Thanks again everyone? that was an amazing 5 days of aquatic
adventures! Celina was indeed... the place to be in 2003!
Wishing everyone a safe trip home.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS ? several folks wanted CD's or a file of the "240 Robert" Amphicar
chase scene sent to them, but I lost my list of requesters. Please
email me off list so can accommodate.

Mike Israel

Hi John,

Good to see you and Mermaid again. My Amphi was
pleased to meet yours as they were both first-timers
at Celina. I think they wanted to mate while parked
next to each other at the Eagles. Unfortunately, she
said she just could not make it happen with that
little pole light of yours.

I have no idea what the chase scene is but hey, sign
me up. Could you also post your Amphi Info flyer that
you had available at the car show.

Glad to hear you made it back in one piece. Let us
know when Amphi arrives back in CA.


Mike Israel

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Bill Connelly

OK...So maybe it IS the Post-Celina withdrawal monkey that goads me to ask
at long last, but if anyone's keen on the idea of a Washington, D.C. Area
BBQ-Swim-Tour get-together, with rides in WII-vintage DUKWs along with
spine-tingling launches just feet off the Reagan National Airport runways,
cruises down the Potomac and Occoquan Rivers (which, as my favorite snakey
waterway, is SO pristine that one might almost imagine Henry Hudson's "Half
Moon" might just have rounded the next bend ahead), followed by amphibious
assaults on Tim's River Shore Inn (see http://www.timsrivershore.com ),
Pohick Bay Regional Park (see http://www.nvrpa.org/pohickbay.html ) or maybe
Mt. Vernon itself (via a secret old rum-runner launch discovered by none
other than Billy Syx himself during a visit here), then maybe you should
drop me a line...

Billy Syx & Randy Tusone of East Coast Amphicar (
www.galloweb.com/~amphicar ) are throwing their fabled and longstanding
(87th?) annual Super-Amphi-Do, as always, over Labor Day weekend (this year
that's August 29th through September 1st). So, for the sake of folks who
might want to double-up their fun en route to this "Main Event" in Mays
Landing, New Jersey (which, frankly, ought to be on EVERY Amphicar owner's
dance card in pen in this time zone), I'd be happy to take of a few days off
from work to see the troops through the swells of the preceding week in
grand style.

Any takers?



Of course you know I'll do the Capitol Plunge, 'cept Spunky ain't feeling too
good after that 500 mile ride home. Gotta do some repairs. Let me know if you
need help coordinating.