Celina 2002 Picture



Just received our Celina 2002
group photo. Nice, very nice!
Big Panooooooooooraaaaaaaama!!!
Mega kudos for everyone who was
involved with that venture. So
now I got wondering how are we
gonna top it for 2003? Well,
my fine finned friends, I think
I have the answer. A friend of
mine, who by the way has a bad
case of "Amphi envy," works at
one of those satellite tracking
places (commercial - not military)
and he thinks he get an awsome
satillite image for us. Would
that be special enough for our
"10th Annual Swim-In?" Still
need to work out the logistics
for timing, but it may be doable.
Something to think about for the
next Celina Swim-In... the place
to be for 2003.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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