Celina 2001...WOW!

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  1. alindoo@prodigy.net

    As this being my first time at Celina, I just wanted to say thanks to
    all those that put this together. It takes a lot of hard work for
    what was done at this event and it turned out great. I'm glad to hear
    it will be there again next year.

    We took a little family vacation to Lake Ozark last week BUT, Celina
    was the best part. My 11 year old son absolutly refused to go out on
    the water Friday after dinner.(I think it has something to do that
    Titanic video he has) I was going to leave him on the shore line, I
    wouldn't want to tramatize him anymore at his age. However, when we
    got to the shore line there were a thousand people standing there.
    So we made him sit in the car and go with us. Funny thing, he started
    to enjoy it, lost his fear of it sinking and had some more time on
    the water the next day.

    I never did get him talked into some night time swimming, maybe next

    Rod Lindoo

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