Celina 2001 Report

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Marc Schlemmer, Jul 29, 2001.

  1. Marc Schlemmer

    .....a quick note to give everyone an update on Celina while we wait for
    postings to come in on everyone's adventures.

    All had a great time...weather was great (light rain held off until Sat
    night)...SUPER turn out! 228 people and 58 cars enjoyed the wonderful
    hospitality of the entire town of Celina and were part of the biggest
    collection of Amphicars ever.

    For those who made it for the event.....thank you so much for making the
    trip. We all win when the effort is made to attend the event. It's the
    Amphicar people that make these events so much fun. It is such a pleasure
    to meet everyone, and to see friends from past events. Thank you all.

    For those who wish they had been able to make it to Celina..... Do try to
    make it to this event sometime....it really is a weekend you won't forget!

    Be looking for a full report on the weekend in the next Club newsletter!

    Marc Schlemmer.

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