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Caryl and I had such a good time in Celina; we were so excited to see
old friends and to meet the people we have talked with in the chat
room and on the group board. Like Ken said, it is nice to put faces
with friends and names.
We had a number of very good conversations with many of the German
friends, we learned a lot about them, their cars and their club. We
accepted them as long time friends as they did with us. It all felt
so good. We plan on going to Germany to visit next summer. Maybe
Chris will be dry by then, more on that later.
Thanks to all the club members who put in long hours to put this
event together, we think you did a truly good job and we appreciate
Billy did an excellent tune job on our car; it has never run so well,
thanks Billy.
Scott did a great job teaching us how to do a generator to alternator
job, thanks Scott.
There are too many names of Amphi friends we already knew and met
that we don't want to leave anyone out so we will just say how good
we felt about being with you all, you are all like family to us and
we feel a strong bond.
Our good memories are still swimming around in our heads and we
haven't stopped talking about people and things we did.
Nick & Sandy, Steve & Agnes and us were the last ones in the water on
Sunday afternoon. We played a half filled water balloon, throwing it
back and forth from car to car trying to splat each other. It may
still be in the water next year as it never did burst.
We had so much fun in Celina.
Marty & Caryl Peters
`64 Turq: a little greener now?