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ron gaydis

Hello to Group,

Celina was my (Ron Gaydis) and my better half's (Carol) first exposure to the people and events of an Amphicar swim-in. Being a recent owner of an Amphicar in restoration and reading all the e-mails from members saying how Celina wasa great town and the Amphicar members were unmatched in the car world we just had to experience this event fo ourselves.

We drove the 6-hrs. from Johnstown Pa. to Celina Ohio talking about what we would probably do and see. Our thoughts were that the Amphicar would be the main event, Carol would probably shop while I was looking at cars and learning a little about what make this carwork and recieve some restoration tips.

How Wrong We Were.................................while the Amphicar is a special vehicle that does what no other automobile can even try the Amphicar Owners, Family and Friends were thehit of this event for us. I have read the coments of how special this group was and then went on to reading next post. Well the Proof is in the People, from our first hello to our final goodbye we were adopted into the amphibious family and treated not as a group member but as friends and family.

I have no other event to compare the Celina experience with but will ask the group to please keep this town a their people as an annual event for many years to come. An amphicar swim in should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience where both the guest and host want to have fun and make the other happy. From what I have seen and experienced Celina and the Amphicar are a wonderfull match.

Carol and I would like to thank the Board and all in attendance for holding such aspecial event and making us feel as part of a family of true friends.

We would like to give some special Thank You's to some very special people

Gord Souter for our "first" amphi ride-----then just handing over the keys and saying go have a swim....WOW!!!! the sharing of his amphi knowledge, supply of parts, and never ending smile and laugh, letting Carol hang out with the ladies. Good health and happiness to you.

Al & Debra Heath, who would of thought a simple hello would result in my wife being transformed into a Mermaid.Al has been blessed with the gift of sharing and Debra with a gift of a contageous smile and laugh. The parade was very special to Carol (Mermaid) andmyself thank you both for you friendship, time, fun and laughs.

Daryl Tresner for the many, many Amphi rides, answering all my quiestions and the friendship with you and Barb.Thanks again for all the time you spent with us.

Ron Trudeau and sweet pea (Anne) for the rides but most of all the never ending comments and laughter, if anyone at a swim in is having a bad day just hang out with Ron and it would be impossible not to laugh. Thanks again and be happy

Mike Echemann for selling us the car, that first step in the evolutionary process of turning into an amphibion. but most of all that first step in meeting such a special group of people.

Thanks to all for your kindness

Ron & Carol Gaydis
Mineral Point Pa.


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