CD content requests?


Cap''n John

OK, before I pull the trigger for the final version of the manuals on
CD, are there any requests for any content not included? Should I add
Hugh's cataloge (less prices)? I plan on shiping them by end of this
week. I feel that they are well worth the money and I hope they come
in handy.

What I have so far is;

- 9 different Amphicar screensavers (4 slideshow, 5 animated)
from .3M to 8.8M
- Owners Manual (Incl. rare supplemental starting and lube
- Service Manual (fully searchable, color schematic w/bilge blower
and instant color "zoomed in shots" for all components)
- Parts Manual (sorry, not searchable yet. That will take another 200
hours to complete someday)
- New Amphicar Icon and cursor to use with the manuals.

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