Caulk Tape and Hub Caps



Hello Amphi Fans,
I pulled the side strips off one of my Amphi's in preparation for a
repaint. I don't think they've ever been off before. There was some
sort of caulking tape applied behind the black plastic backing strip.
I've seen strip caulk but never anything like this with a plastic
tape type backing. Does anyone know who makes something like it and
where it can be bought?

Also, I'm looking for 4 original hub caps that are in good shape and
suitable for rechroming or, even better, have already been done.

Unfortunately, Dave won't have my Red Amphi done by Mr. Dora time and
I can't haul my White Amphi all the way from California for the event.
So even though I'd like to splash around with you guys, I'm probably
going to have to miss the big event this year. I think, without an
Amphi, I'd feel like I'm on the outside with my nose was pressed up
against the glass. Sometime I'd like to see Tommy's "Weird Harold"
and the other Florida Amphi's.


John Friese
White 67
Red 67 (at Dave's)