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Been away, been busier than a one-armed wall-
paper hanger in a tornado. Did manage a visit
to Kansas and got an Amphi ride from Scott M.
Great timing as my Amphi is in dry docks for
new interior, top, floor, powder coating rims,
brake cylinder sleeving, and some bilge area
explorations. {One never knows what lurks in
one's bilge until one becomes one with one's bilge}.
Anyway, thanks again Scott!! It was a pleasure to
be received by a fellow Amphimite, especially in
tornado alley of the Bible belt.

A daily heap of postings on the board, new comers
and vets alike. I remember when 3 postings a day
was the norm. Noted a few references in postings
recently to which I'm expected to respond.

1. Diaphragms (fuel pump or otherwise) and Amphi -
I cannot support any method of Amphi birth control,
especially the pill, IUD, diaphragms, or even the condom.
However, I must confess I did use the sponge on one
occasion... but that was my boner not Amphi's. I
reckon the rhythm method is your best bet.

2. That feeling in the gut when you get a lead on a
virgin Amphi abandoned in a shed, only to find out
later the lead was a dead end - As best as I can
determine, this feeling is akin to the feeling you get
when you were a teenager on your first romantic
encounter and you successfully got to first and second
base. Then as you were nearing third base you were
thrown out and sent home with a pair of blue balls.
Of course you didn't give up then and nor should you
neglect to peruse any potential Amphi leads now.

3. Stealing all the attention at the car show - Here
is an interesting phenomenon to which I attribute
Amphi's telepathic abilities. Most cars and boats
emit some level of telepathy, but only Amphi can
drown out the others and be heard above the typical
primitive vehicular chatter. As for displaying an
Amphi in a giant pool of water for a few days...
that is a gutsy play. Left unattended in a pool of
water your Amphi may discover that his combined
weight in a pool far exceeds the pool wall structure
capacity and learn to make his own huge splash by
bursting the pool walls. I'd still like to see a photo
of the pool display... I'd use if for disciplinary
purposes in case my Amphi ever gets naughty.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - finally sent my Celina 2001 photo rolls in for
development. Should have them back on Monday.
Dave the Wave should get ready to be blackmailed.

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