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Amphicar Expert
I am posting this for a friend in FL.
I have decided to sell the amphicar if you know of someone looking for one. It's a 1964. I have pretty much completed it but these pics are not the most current. I runs very well other than still having heating issues with the reverse hood installed. Its registered boat and road in Florida. I have pics of the body which was rust free other than the lower rear quarters then media blasted clean. Engine has new bearings / rings electronic ignition. Trans came from Dave with Friese clutch, I do have a spare that needs seals and input bearing but shifted good. I do have a standard hood that is in the body shop now but it wasn't the best so not sure how it will turn out. I used a muffler blanket from a generator $55K

Jimmy Tripp
1225 NW Avenue L
Belle Glade, FL 33430


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