Carlift Profimaster


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I would like to bring The Profimaster to your attention. It is a movable/"portable" carlifter. When you put the fork around the backtyre, the car will be tilted to one side. Placed around a fronttyre the whole front of the car can be lifted for about 1 meter. It can be easily converted to lift the car at its jacking point so both wheels will be free.
Today I have found out that the Profimaster would also be handy to get all the bilgewater out. I went for a swimm today, did pump out all water and back home I removed the bilgeplug. Some water came out. Then I decided to lift the front of the car and surprisingly a few more liters of water came out. This is a way to lift the car without being scared to damage the hull or other metalwork. Here is an example:
Tetton Trailers, Cheshire UK - ProfiMaster 3000 Mobile Lift

When you're interested in a profimaster it is worth shopping around. In Europe there are being sold for appr. €1100. I have seen them advertised for $2300 in the USA, although I have found a supplier who sells them for €750 in the Netherlands.