Carburetor Rebuild


Slightly less than 100 degrees today so I am a bit more active!

As I continue to chase my "Missing when hot" issue, I am now rebuilding the carburetor.

Other than a very loose injector (fishhook) o-ring the only thing I might have found is a missing ball valve (bearing) behind the acellerator pump diaphram. That is per an old Solex Manual I am using from the technical library. I do not see that bearing (valve) listed in the parts manual or on Gordon Imports' Parts List.

So two questions to the REAL experts:
1. Should that acellerator pump valve really exist? It looks as if it would go into the carb body's center hole (port) in the diaphram recess.
2. Is the very bottom of the "fishhook" where it inserts supposed to be slightly flattened or should it be round tubing?

Thank you,

Ron Green

1. I looked for the same "ball valve" ball bearing behind the accelerator diaphragm when rebuilding my existing carb, plus my new carb did not have it. I spoke to Scott at Gordon's and he told me there were not there? Both carbs run perfect.


Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Thats funny,,, I put the ball in all my Carbs,,.
Amphicar carbs are a hand full.
I got a bunch from Britian(not exact) many years ago of which most did not work no mater what I did, I took them to...Carburetor rebuilders Comany LTD... in Toronto, and got them back , drop on perfect, I now take all carbs there, bunch there now.. Not to many old time carb guys left,,

that fish hook thingabb is supose to be squished in at entrance.
I have a unit cram full of all the little parts in Original amphicar carbs, but there at the Rebuilders right now.
Off to Evansville!!!!!!!!!!!!