Carburetor dripping

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by DAVIS,BRIAN R, Jun 22, 2001.


    A few months back I reported that there was gas dripping from my carburetor
    and that it was leaking out via the throttle shaft. Hugh Gordon suggested
    that the shaft was worn oblong and that this was a fairly common problem.

    The thing that always bothered me though, was why would it only leak after
    the engine was shut off?.......and why was my engine hard to start when hot?

    Well, the answer is that my accelerator jet drips gas directly onto the
    throttle shaft butterfly all by itself shortly after the engine is shut off!

    Why would it do this?

    I rebuilt the carb and everything looks fine. The accelerator pump check
    balls are both in the circuit. I've got the thick insulating gasket
    installed between the manifold and the base of the carburetor, so
    overheating is not an issue.

    Has anyone else ever looked into this as a cause of hard starting when hot?

    Any ideas as to what the root cause of the dripping might be?

    Thanks, Brian Davis

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