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NOS carb, new fuel pump and all new electronic ignition. Ran perfect then acted like out of fuel. Cleaned carb and jet of debris. Runs out fine but has a "lag" from idle to cruising. Acts like a vacuum leak but I can not find any. Any thoughts?


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Sounds like a classic vac leak. Crack in vac line or elbow?

Someone on 914 forums had similar issue. Turned out to be crud in filter before fuel pump.

If you took off carb to clean maybe you did what I once did and left the washer between carb and manifold. I found that only after probing around with unlit propane torch.

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
My mistake. I only looked at and not studied the plastic heat block. Previous person used some type of glue. Would change consistency drastically between hot and cold. And would be good and than be bad. Removed multiple layers of glue and gaskets. Planed surfaces and all is well. Thanks all for input.