Carb kit - any pointers?

Jon March

I bought a carb rebuild kit for my stock carb. Any pointers on doing a reliable rebuild myself?

Anything tricky I should know about/what are the steps?


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For any carb. Take lots of photos, draw diagrams. It is easy to forget where some screw, washer, etc. goes. You can not always count on the diagrams.

Getting everything clean is key. If you have a sonic cleaner those work great (decent one is cheap at Harbor Freight). You can also use Beryman carb dip although it is nasty stuff that you likely can not even buy in places like CA.

Find some thin wire to ensure every jet or passageway is truly cleaned out. Especially with ethanol fuel, there are lots of places to get gunked up.

Carefully measure fuel float to spec (not sure what it is). You can use a drill bit for accurate measurement.

All else fails, send it to Dave or Gord and let them do the rebuild.


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I have a specialist rebuild all of mine now. I got some from England once and most were not working right(40 years old maybe) and I tried everything to no avail. Sent them to my carb guy and they came back drop on perfect so now he does them all. I have a few Ready to go. exchange only..


Jon, did you get the carb done yet? What kit did you get?

Gord, what is your price on an exchange?

Jon March

I did - just a couple days ago - Wethersfield Small Engine, here in CT. John there is a great guy - found all loose jets, and a tiny (primer-jet?) ball bearing that was rolling loose in carb bowl! Scott at Gordon talked him thru it, and John installed a new small o ring, new gasket, and new square pump diaphragm - after doing a thorough ultrasonic cleaning. He didnt touch any settings, so hopefully the good idle i had before will be unchanged when i use it to start the rebuilt motor next week