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Michael Echemann

I'm considering selling my trailer and am wondering if anyone on this site
might be interested. I purchased it new in 1999 and the brand is Texas
Rollback and it's the Deluxe 16 Foot Model (not the larger 18 foot). You
can check them out at:

I've always kept the maintenance up and have never had a problem until last
week when I had a tire blow out. I've taken it to the dealer where I
purchased it for the tire repair and a new fender (the tire tread damaged
the fender which will be replace with a new one. While I was there I priced
a new enclosed unit which I'm considering.

Anyone wanting an excellent used one owner trailer please contact me asap.
It does have paint chipped off the bed which doesn't effect performance but
a repaint would be nice. The price isn't determined yet as I need to wait
on a few other details such as possible trade it allowance etc.


I am interested in purchasing a trailer for my recently acquired amphi. The
important question is of course,"How much".---Ray

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