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Betty Anne and/or David Field

After much thought and angst I have decided to try and sell my 1964
Amphicar, my companion for over 10 years - she is calender girl for the
April 2000 page of the Millenium Amphicar Calender and has provided with
great companionship. She is good condition swims and drives but needs some
work to bring her up to 'very good'. She has a new interior and top and
lots of replaced components. I would like $13,000 for her. I will be
taking her to Celina to visit all her siblings. Should I sell her to an
American I need to purchase a US Customs document as I enter USA from to
show she has been legally imported and allows her to be registered in the
USA. This will cost me several hundred non-refundable dollars so I don't
want to obtain it unless there is a serious buyer awaiting me in
Celina. I am located on Wolfe Island, Ontario - a 20 minute ferry ride (40
minutes by Amphicar) south of Kingston in the Thousand Islands (160 miles
east of Toronto). If interested call me at 613 385-2910.
see you in Celina, Dave Field.

Betty Anne and/or David Field

Before listing this car on ebay I thought I'd give club members first
opportunity to buy my car. As you know I was half-heartedly trying to sell
it at Celina but now I have to! It swims and drives (participated in
parade and sail-pasts in Celina last month) and is in good condition. New
upholstery and top; bearing, seals, half shafts, brakes have all been
replaced in last 10 years, needs some cosmetic work, will need body work at
rear right quarter panel where there is leak (bilge pump handles this at
present). Solid 1964 car, every thing works and is complete. Will take
best offer over $12,500 rec'd by August 31st. I am located on Wolfe
Island, Ontario, a 20 minute ferry ride (40 minute Amphi ride) from
Kingston, ON and a 10 minute ferry ride from Cape Vincent, NY. Dave Field,
613 385-2910
PS Did any one of you buy the car from Kingston sold on ebay last
week? If so, and you are coming to Kingston to see it or pick it up give
me a call.

Gord Souter

There is a Amphicar for sale in Belgium.
they have sent me a post with pics.
it has been painted yellow.
to far for me.
anyone interested
Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,
3860 Carlyon line
L3V 6H4

MY new phone # is 1 705 327 2820

I buy, sell and restore Only Amphicars
over 700 different parts for sale.
Interior kits and fibreglass panels my specialty!

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