Car Colors and Mount Dora


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<font size="3">On the Subject of Car colors, judging by the Amphicar Patches whichClub Members haveordered from me and which are available in the 4 stock factory colors, it would appear that as the on line letters attest, RED is apparently about 50%. However, based on Patches ordered, Blue and Aqua seem to represent about 20% each with white the least at 10%. These Patches, asmost of you areaware, are advertised and pictured on the Amphicar website. It is entirely possible that a number of originally white cars have been repainted one of the other colors.</font>

<font size="3">Re: </font><font size="3">The Mount Dora Swim-In </font>

<font size="3">This ever popular show promises to be as good as ever with its multiple draws of 150 plus Antique or Wooden Boats, our ever popular Amphicars which the public cannot get enough of and the display of 20 or so Woodies (Wooden bodied station wagons, sedans and convertibles). This coupled with the ambiance ofquaint Mount Dora and the craft fair in the nearby closed off streets together with the many antique shops makes for a package that is irresistable to a large numberof sun and fun loving people. We Amphicar owners have a ball splashing in randomly all day long and giving rides as the spirit moves us todo. We alsoenjoy a "Mass Baptism" announced over the PA system after parading through the nearby town at midday. Though this is ostensibly an Antique Wooden Boat Show, it is truly our Amphicars that "steal the show."</font>
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<font size="3">This year marks the 8th Annual Southeastern Swim-In. For Carol and me personally, Mount Dora is quite special. Wepurchased our Amphicar in 1997. However,we had been warned by a host of pessimists of the catastrophe we would be courtingif we ventured into the water. Soit was that when we brought our 1948 Ford "Woodie" wagon to Mount Dora for the Woodie Gathering in 1998, even though we had already owned our Amphicar for 6 months, we were pleasantly surprised to discover 3 Amphicars cavorting in what would become the First Annual Southeastern Swim-In. Fellow dentist, Dave Monier gave me my first Amphicar ride and from then on wewere hooked. Also there for that first Swim In at Mount Dora were Peter and Cheryl Fredsall with their 1961 Aqua colored look-alike to our 1967 model and Dan Borgman with his modified SportFisher. I tooka numberof pictures of the Amphicars and having obtained Peter Fredsall's address, I sent him several photos which were the best he had thus far acquired. At Christmas time, he went to a local photo outlet to have copies made. By the merest chance, a personal friend of mine from Fort Lauderdale, which is the area we lived in at that time, was standing behind Peter in line near Daytona Beach where my friend had moved and where Peter lives. As Peter explained to the clerk what he would like and the clerk made the usual exclamations aboutsuch an unusualvehicle, my friend looked around him and upon seeing the pictures, he said to Peter that a friend of his had an Amphicar just like his - in fact, he said "I think I've seen those pictures before," because I had blowups of 2 or 3 of them on the wall in my Dental Office. Indeed, sometimes it is a small world.</font>
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<font size="3">It looks likeour unbroken record of absolutely perfect warm sunny weather for the past 7 shows is going to happen again. Forecasts for Friday through Sunday (as of this time onThursday the day before the event starts) are that temperatures will be inthe mid 70's to low 80's and partly cloudy to sunny.</font>
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<font size="3">Theinteresting thing about this forecast which will apparently prove out is that as I write this, it is 11 AM on Thursday. Yesterday and at this moment it is raining Cats and Dogs ! However, the forecasters are all saying this will end later today to give us our </font>
<font size="3">8th Annual Swim-Inin true Sunshine State style as the Chamber of Commerce would approve.</font>
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<font size="3">Amphicar members attending with their Amphicars will again be treated to a sumptuous "Captain's Party" Friday night byour show's hosts - the Sunnyland Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society. In the past, this has been a great event and a chance to socialize with other participants in the balmy atmosphere of comraderie, warm weather and great food. Be sure to be there by 5 o'clock !</font>

<font size="3">Saturday night we will then haveour All You Can Eat Amphicar Banquet at the samenearby restaurant with delicious foodat a bargain price. Here,we get the chance to hear great stories, watch Amphicar Video Tapes, listen to Amphicar VIP's ( last year we had participants with their cars from as far away as Canada, California and Washington state ! ) and count our blessings tobe able to enjoysuch a great show in such pleasant surroundings with such wonderful people.</font>

<font size="3">Wehope to see a lot of you there tomorrow and this weekend to share in this</font><font size="3">terrific show even if you do have to put up with our warm sunny weather ! </font>
<font size="3">Victor ("Capt. Splash") and Carol Nelson </font>
<font size="3"> with the 1967 Aqua colored "Split Personality"</font>

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