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For you statistics junkies out there, I visited our local (and very
impressive) Canton Classic Car Museum the other day. My goal was to
gander at the White 67 Amphi on display and get some data.

Turns out the car is(was) actually owned by a local business man by
the name of Mr. Cohen and he loaned(gave) the car to the museum after
it had sunk in a lake nearby. The car however looks great and shows
no sign of being bottomed.

Anyways, the people who work at the place have very (surprisingly)
little knowledge about the car and soon I found myself giving THEM
the tour! They were absolutely amazed when I told them some of the
facts that I have learned from reading this list and browsing the
many fine websites linked to here. They did not even know how to
unlock the hood and engine latches with the key that I found in the
glove box.

After 45 minutes or so they had me convinced (yeah, twist my arm) to
take them for a ride/swim in my Red '64 next week! (when me and car
get back from East Coast Amphi with its recon'd tranny from Gordons)

Here are the details on the car:

White "67" Amphicar
Location: Canton Classic Car Museum, Canton Ohio
Chasis #: 106 522 326

Two piece front bumper (with anchor tie-off on top)
Small bilge plug
Chrome window frames
1/4 inch lower lip
Black Dash (no radio)
Bilge Blower (with 2 min timer)
Cream color interior (not white)
Cream Color shifter knobs (again not white)
No side mirrors
Side Heater