Can someone tell me how to diagnose a bad relay tube?


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According to the revised starting instructions in my owner manual there is a relay tube that allows to blower to run for approx. 2 minuets before allowing the car to start, unless you press the emergency button. My Amphi blower will run forever (I think) and never shut off allowing start up without use of the emergency start button. Anybody have any ideas how to proceed?




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Hi Lenny,

The way you describe what's happening, the timer tube might be missing from your car. The first thing to do is to make sure the timer tube is actually present in your car. The tube is located behind the small relay panel mounted to the left side of the front trunk. The timer tube stands vertically in a standard miniature tube socket and simply plugs into that socket. You can see it with a flashlight looking in from the front. It's not uncommon for this piece to have become "lost" over the years. I stock these long discontinued parts in time delays from 2 minutes down to 3 seconds. If the tube is actually there, call me and I can talk you through the repair of that delay circuit. From your symptoms though, I suspect it is missing or broken. 805-570-4778

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