Can someone post pic of Fuel shut off valve?

I have an early car that didn't originally have a magneto valve (fuel shutoff valve). Mine was mounted on the master cylinder bolt. So, to cleanup the area around the master cylinder I want to weld the bracket for the Magneto valve where it is found on later models. I think I have seen them near the heater, but if someone can post a picture of the area between the master cylinder and the heater it will be great! Hoping to weld it on tonight. Thanks!


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Here is the location on this car I was working on for a friend. I didn't find Amphicar was too precise as to the exact location . I have added a steering brace on to this mount and lengthened the screw to accommodate that. I believe the original welded piece is about 1/4" thick, 1" wide and perhaps 1.3/4"inches long. Of course all the original measurements would be in mm. This is one unusual place where you don't need to be too precise on these numbers.

New Steering Box Brace and Painted Heater Cover 1.JPG

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