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Doug -

I see you are burning the midnite oil too. An update on the Inn on the
Green: The management has changed and the manager is anxious to have us. (We got
the impression that the hotel people were also glad that the previous manager
was now history.) The hotel is providing a Hospitality Room and a meeting
room for our "workshop." Dave Monier has done basically ALL of the dealing with
them throughout our Swim-Ins at Mount Dora, though 7 of us were there in
December this time when we assessed the situation and several of us added our
input when we talked with the new manager. We evaluated other options, but
on the Inn on the Green for several reasons - particularly since they were
now so anxious to accommodate us. We look forward to seeing you and Phyllis and
your Amphicar. This year is shaping up to be the best Mt. Dora Swim-In yet.

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I agree with you I haven't been happy with that either. we spend a
considerable amount of money trailering and motels etc. for their
show and the last time I was there the women was down right nasty
about it(non amphicar person) that is one reason we haven't been
back. Although I am planning on trying to go this year but it would
be nice to get around the registration fee and feel appreciated
about helping their show.


Are you coming through Ohio ?