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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Ken Chambers, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Ken Chambers

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    I suppose now that Amphipoda's electric rates have tripled in San Diego, there's
    no shortage of
    electricity anymore down there. As for us northern Californians in PG&E land,
    the lights are on
    long enough for me to write this. HELP US, PLEASE! Ah, you wait. California
    is blazing the
    lead again in everything good for America. This time it's electricity rates.
    As soon as the
    power execs break the spirit of enough of us, we'll pay ANYTHING to have lights
    and heat. Don't
    laugh, you could be next. Isn't deregulation - and greed - wonderful? Now I
    just gotta finish
    hooking up the Amphi's generator to the house lights...

    Ken Chambers
    '64 Amphi

    > Amphipoda:
    > Do you need any flashlights out there? Maybe some high sulfur coal from
    > W.VA to get those power stations up and running again. Hey, what's the deal
    > with your laws not allowing the power companies to own any power plants?
    > Seems to make little sense to me. Are there any brown outs in your area
    > yet?

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