Cable cover and cheep tailpipe pipe seal


I went to the Boeing Surplus store here and found a couple of things I
thought others might want too.

Refer to this picture as you read the following descriptions:

First, how is the plastic cover on your choke cable, or other similar sized
cables or wires? Boeing is surplussing some Teflon sleaving. The sleeve has a
0.302 inch ID and I used it on my choke cable. This stuff is very abrasion
resistant. When I worked at Boeing we used it in a number of service
bulletins. We added it wiring that ran through the fuel tanks to protect the
from wear (you don't want the insulation on wiring in the fuel tank wear through
causing a spark!).

This tubing is clear, and technically it is heat-shrink (shrinks to 0.178
ID). However, it takes a very high heat to shrink it. Thus, you don't want to
shrink it if you have plastic insulation or other plastic things inside it.
The plastic inside will melt before the tube shrinks!

A 25 foot section only costs about $1.50. I can send it to you for this
price plus shipping cost. There wasn't a whole lot of this stuff available,
five or ten 25 foot sections. They have larger sizes of this stuff too,
around 1 inch diameter. If you might want a larger size, I can check on this

Second, if you are a cheep-skate like me, and you need the tailpipe gasket
(Part 12-46-25), here is you chance. The surplus store has silicone rings for
25 cents each. The larger diameter of these rings is 4 1/4 inches OD, and fits
exactly inside the little lip at the edge of the tailpipe flange (part
12-46-24). At least it fits the tailpipe I ordered from Gordon's this spring.

If you look at the picture, you can see a ring on my tailpipe, and another
sitting on the floor. The one on the tailpipe was cut from the back side of the
ring on the floor. The part at the surplus store has inner and outer
cylindrical sections, connected at the center by a ring or washer section. Each
can be cut to make 2 of the rings shown on my tail pipe.

But, there are possible drawbacks. The color is the rusty-red high-temp
silicone color you see in the picture. Since silicone doesn't take paint, you
be stuck with this color. You might be able to wrap it in black tape, but
I'm afraid the tape might melt. Also, I have not yet tried this on my car. I
don't know for sure if the silicone ring will stay put. It might be dislocated
when the engine shakes.

I will send you one of these for cost plus shipping. I will send you the
complete thing, or I will cut off just the outer ring and send that if you
prefer. There were plenty of these at the store, probable more than 100.

White '63

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