Marty & Caryl

It looks pretty good. The low res you are using really covered up
all the runs, just like you said. I still would like to have seen it
painted bright chevy block orange.
Thanks for keeping your site up to date, you are doing a great job
and we appreciate seeing your progress along with dialog.
Rain this morning, snow later.

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> BW2 took another step closer. It is mostly bright yelllow. Pics at
> Later Dave the Wave

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Dave, The first thing I did to my Amphi back in 1968 was to paint it Yellow.
I guess I won't be the only one anymore.

Frank Soldate (in Connecticut)
1967 yellow
1966 green
1964 blue
1964 white (RIP)

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David Derer

We discussed Bw2 and the new building. The possability of selling it.
Then Margie said one of the nicest things. She said " I sure like that
car, it runs great and it looks like fun." I even confessed how much it
really cost. No wonder I am in debt! I went out to storage to visit it.
Not for sale yet. I think I will put in extra hours and not buy any more
gifts for Amphi. Except for maybe those new front shocks and man o man
do those wide whites look sweet. Later Dave the Wave