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broken prop

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Does anyone have a used propeller they would like to sell? I would
appreciate it. Contact me offline if you do.
This past weekend one blade broke off one of the props at some point
while in the water. I did not go through any shallow water or hit
anything that I am aware of. Is this a fairly rare experience or have
others had this happen?

Greg Z.
'67 Amphi(white)


Don't know how rare it is to have a prop break, but we had the same
thing happen at Dave the Wave's swim at Spring Valley in May. There
is a picture in the files under Spring Valley 2001 #1 (svoo1.jpg).
We were starting an up river swim to the next town when there was
suddenly a vibration. Nick thought it could be weeds on the prop &
reversed. After a couple tries without improvement, we turned around
and went back to the ramp. The car behind us saw the problem right
away. The spare prop we carry was put on and the fun continued.

Sandy & Nick WI White '67 MKNWVS


Having completly sheared off my prop blades this winter I can attest
that if you break the drivers side prop the car will still steer ok
but there was a vibration. I have heard that if the passenger prop
breaks you will go in circles


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