Broadcast Tip-- Mail Call: Amphibious Warfare Episode


Bill Connelly

Here's a quick tip for folks who get the History Channel. Tomorrow (Monday)
evening the program 'Mail Call' is airing an episode featuring "Amphibious
Assualt Vehicles." In the trailer film I just saw, I think I glimsed a shot
of an old Ford GPA "Seep". Here's a blurb on the program from the History
Channel website's schedule listings. ~Bilgey~:

Monday, June 23 @ 8pm ET/PT
Amphibious Assault Vehicle/Jeep/Medieval Battering Ram/Urban Warfare/Ball
Turret Gunner/Nose Art
How can the Marines' 26-ton AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicle) stay afloat?
Can a jeep float? How did medieval battering rams work? What types of
tactics do the military use for urban warfare? Who were the guys who fired
guns from the bubbles underneath WWII bombers? What's the story behind all
those pictures of girls and other stuff drawn on WWII airplanes? R. Lee
Ermey sends these viewers' questions to military experts in the field for
explanations and short demonstrations. TV 14