Bring a smile to Julia!


Marc Schlemmer

I received a phone call today from Billy Syx. He asked that I pass the word
to the Amphicar world that he knows of an Amphicar owner who is having a
tough time.
It seems that a customer of his is getting an Amphicar restored and his
daughter is quite sick. 8 year old Julia had kidney problems back in
October, and has been in the hospital with various complications and
problems since. After 9 surgeries, you can imagine how Julia and her
parents, Walter and Linda Cekala, are really down. As you can guess, Julia
could certainly use a smile about now.....and what can do that better than
an Amphicar! Julia is a huge fan of the Amphicar, and loves anything to do
with an Amphicar. If you get a chance, why not drop her a note or photo of
your Amphicar. She would really appreciate the well wishes. The hospital
has a VCR and DVD player as well if you have a video that you think she
might enjoy. As her health permits, her parents would be able to read the
notes to her and share the photos. Be a part of giving Julia a smile!
Her address is:

Children's Hospital
Unit P5
Julia Cekala
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, Mass 02115

Marc Schlemmer.