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I currently have the stock lamps in my car and feel they are not as bright as I would like . I often drive home thru deer infested areas. Anyone have suggestions on a modern day bulb that lights up the road better and fits these cars?


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At the Frankenmuth car show I road back with Dawn in Her Amphicar with 60's headlights/ and poor wippers in a heavy rain storm. . Even the road lines were not visable! I had to tell her how far she was from the ditch, opps thats the gravel.You never Know when you may get stuck in a bad situation so make sure you have as good as you can, wippers, and Halagen Headlights.These are avalable at all car stores, 7 inch round seal beams.
The lights that have a replacement bulb that clip in from the back are not really good for Amphicars as Our lights are completly submerged in water many times and they are not 100% waterproof from the backside.
I am installing a set of these on my Fibreglass Amphicar, (which is now body wise 100%together) but I am going to seal it with silicone. The ones I have even have a parking light built into them.


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For years now I think it is Sylvania who makes standard, double bright and triple bright headlights that plug right in on your Amphicar. I found mine at a giant chain auto parts store and I'm quite certain they are widely available most anywhere. The triple bright version give you a normal looking light output from your headlamps. They are built just like the originals, have the standard prongs on the back, cost only a few dollars more than the standard lamps and are a simple drop in part that looks completely stock. You are compensating for the long wire runs in the Amphicar that cause standard lamps to look so dull. Replacing the wire runs with a larger gauge wire would also do the trick but it's a lot simpler to just upgrade the bulbs.

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Craig Parada
I like my Sylvanias , but Hella also makes a nice sealed-beam. The European Amphicars came with replaceable H4 bulbs, but the headlamp assembly is complicated and vulnerable enough as it is in the North American version!
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