Braking Action



> Rod,

I have two cars. One has a nice tight brake petal and the other car's brake
petal travels about halfway down before I get any braking action.
In my case I am reasonably sure the problem is not air in the lines. I have
bled them many times trying to get the brakes to tighten up. Perhaps
I have some weird air pocket somewhere that I can't access. Amphicar brakes
need to be adjusted too. After confirming air isn't the problem,
check the play between the brake shoes and the drums. I think I did that
correctly too, but my problem persists. I know my brakes are working.
It just takes a lot of effort (and travel). I've come to live with it. Let me
know if you solve it.

Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC

> .
> How far down should the brake pedal travel before you get some
> stopping power out of it? Mine seems to go quite a ways before
> anything happens.

Had same problem, found rear brake hose had swollen closed, was using LMA
brake fluid from England, same as my Met, but installing new hoses cured
the problem.
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