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Michael Echemann

Hi Alan:
Mike Israel's suggestions are right on regarding your brakes. Gord Souter
sells some linings which I understand may folks have used and they seem to
like them very much. Regarding the wheel cylinders I'd suggest you send
them to Brake and Equip in MN. You can call Rob there at 800-233-4053 ext.
2. I have a set there now getting fixed up and they seem very easy to deal
with. Some other members are using them on their cars. Maybe they can let
us know how they ended up working.

I also received your email regarding fender scripts. I have a pretty nice
used set I was saving however I'd love to donate them to your car. Send me
your address again so I don't have to look it up and I'll mail them off to
you. I know how much work you've put into the car already. Maybe if you
make it to Celina you can buy me a cold one or better yet bring me another
six pack of that Tuckerman Pale Ale you brought when you were here.
Actually I don't drink much unless I'm out and still have a couple in the
frig. I wonder if there still good?

Send me your mailing address, Thanks, Mike

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Subject: [amphicar-lovers] Brake questions, and introducing myself

> Hello Listmembers and Amphi Enthusiasts,
> This weekend I'm picking my Amphi up at a well-known shop, after having
> a considerable amount of bodywork done. It'll then need paint, along
> with the usual mechanical work to make it road- and sea-worthy. It will
> be a very exciting time for me and for my family, and we are hoping that
> all this can get done in time for Celina - we would love to meet and rub
> shoulders (er, fins) with all you Amphi-bians and admire your vehicles.
> There has been some recent discussion about brake rebuild kits, and I
> will likely need to do some brake work myself. I have a couple of
> questions.
> Assuming I need to rebuild the brake cylinders, what is the rationale
> for sleeving - is it only necessary when the bores are bad, or does it
> offer greatly increased life and be a good idea regardless of the
> cylinders' condition? Would I be foolish to simply clean em and rehone
> em if the bores look reasonably good?
> The other question is regarding linings. Is it an absolute necessity to
> use Gordon-supplied linings or are modern linings sufficiently
> water-resistant to allow their use on this vehicle? Or, is it possible
> to say "Waterproof linings, please" when getting linings made? What are
> my options?
> Thanks in advance for your comments and opinions. I have been following
> this list for years but never had much to say since I didn't get a car
> until last fall. But now I want to say, that you folks have been a
> continuing source of inspiration for me, and I have saved certain daily
> digests for over five years, waiting for the day I could use the
> information (just in case the archives disappeared: I'm a
> belt-and-suspenders kind of guy). Lately I've been referring to these,
> and the knowledge base represented here is truly amazing.
> And, partially due to effort the effort expended by many people such as
> Mike Israel and all the past and present IAOC board members, and I think
> also due to the "fun" nature of the Model 770 Amphicar itself, the tone
> of any discussions on this board and that I have had individually with
> any of you, has been overwhelmingly civil, positive, helpful,
> entertaining, and generally, just plain fun.
> Thank you all, and I hope to see you at Celina!
> Alan Wysocki, Strafford NH
> -primer-grey- '63 (or maybe '62)
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