Brake Pad Lining Sources?


Anyone have a current source for premade brake pads? I did a search and looks like Gord no longer makes them. None of the previous posts clearly give a source. Please send me a private or public message if you can help out.



You'll need to have the old ones relined. I use Brake and Equipment in Minneapolis and they told me they used to do the linings for either Gordon or Gord (I can't remember which) and that the linings they used were just standard material. So just send them your old linings and they will reline them and send them back. They are great to work with. They can also sleeve all your wheel and master cylinder(s) with stainless if you want them to never rust again


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IMG_4996.JPG Who said I no longer do brakes.. THATS my main sale, sell about 10 sets a year, Yes Im having a hard time getting cores back from a few indviduals!
DO NOT PUT STANDARD CAR LINNINGS on a Amphicar, tey do not work when wet!
I have taken people out for rides in my cars, I tell them to hold on after a swim and LOCK the wheels up to a skidding stop... NO GUFF.
They are redone in a place in Toronto, we use a special linning like Hummers in the millatary use on there cars.
I am heading for Fl. on Sat, I have a full set of my special shoes with me and another set already in FL.
As of Sat you can reach me on my cell at 386 882 0334,, 1st stop Cleavland Ohio Area,
or leave a message on FL phone.. 352 301 7022