Brake Line Bleeding


Ken ''KD'' Roy

Here's how I bleed brake lines.
Loosen the bleeder screw on the wheel cylinder, then finger-tighten it.
Using a 2-ft CLEAR neoprene hose, push it on the bleeder screw,
make it go up at least 4", then loop it around something & put the end in a
bottle (or whatever).
Now loosen the bleeder screw.
Now have your buddy (or you can do it alone) push slowly on the brake pedal,
but don't go all the way to the floor.
If you watch the hose, the bubbles will rise.
When the bubbles stop, release the brake pedal.
Since the clear-tube is now filled with brake fluid,
as you release the brake, it will suck back in a liitle fluid from the tube,
but no air.
One thing about pushing the brake all the way to the floor:
Since your brake has never been that far down before, you risk the chance of
ruining the rubber in the master cylinder because it's now going beyond any
ridge that might have formed on the master-cyl wall.

Till later.....
Ken Roy

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