Brake cylinders on E-bay (Again)


Can someone confirm if the rear brake cylinders on E-bay are Amphicar

Someone posted here the last time these cylinders were up on E-bay that they
were not original cylinders. But, does anyone know if they would work?

Here's the deal. One of my rear cylinders is definitely not stock -- the
backing plate has been modified to allow for the non-stock location of the
bleeder screw. If the E-bay cylinders will work, they will be better than
what I have.


Roger St. John

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I posted the possible problem with these brake cylinders. Yes they will bolt
straight in, they look exactly the same, on the outside. The problem is on the

The bore and piston are nearly 1/3 smaller than a real Amphicar rear brake
cylinder. With the smaller bore, the piston will move faster and push with less
force. If you change only one, you could have a real problem.

The second problem I saw. Where are you going to get replacement parts?

The real problem I had was, that these are NOT Amphicar parts. If I'm going to
pay a premium price, I want a real part.

Will they work? I'm sure they will. The gentelman who sells them says he has
sold six sets to other Amphi owners, and none have called back to complain.

You had better replace both at the same time, and you'd better keep a close eye
on your front brakes.

That's my opinion.

Scott Moses..

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Re: Re: Brake cylinders on E-bay (Again)

Thanks Scott,

If the piston is 1/3 smaller in diameter, then they would produce less than
1/2 the force (the force is proportional to the area, which is proportional
to the SQUARE of the diameter). This is obviously unacceptable.

Also, your comments got me out to measure the diameter of my brake cylinders.
My left rear wheel cylinder (which I think is original Amphicar) measures
0.87 inches in diameter. My right one measures 0.746 inches -- thus, it is
producing only 73% of the force. As you indicated, this is not good either.
It looks like I need to take Gord up on his offer of a brake cylinder.

Roger St. John
White '63

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