Brake Bleeding Made Easy!

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Mike Israel

As you know, bleeding your Amphi's brakes should be a
part of the annual maintenance ritual. However, as
this is a pain in the bilge which often requires two
people, it is frequently defered.

I have tried a number of systems for bleeding brakes
and found that most do not work. The MityVac type
systems usually do not work because air leaks around
the open bleeder valve.

Anyway, today I picked up a system which I can
wholeheartedly endorse as a "must have" addition to
your tool kit. It makes the bleeding process a quick
and painless one man operation. It is called the
Motive Products Power Bleeder. It is essentially a
pesticide sprayer type bottle with a pressure valve.
It comes with the correct ATE resevoir cap. Put some
fresh fluid in the bottle, attach cap, pump it up, and
open each bleeder valve (in the order of right rear,
left rear, right front, left front). I also removed
most of the old fluid from the resevoir first as there
is no point pushing old fluid through the system.
Works great and sure beats bribing your spouse to pump
the pedal.

I picked mine up from a BMW parts place which is
located near my house. It lists for $44.95 on their
web site. You can probably
find it elsewhere, just make sure you order the kit
with the correct resevoir cap. Other caps are
available for your other vehicles as well.


Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
List/Digest Admin