Boston Swim in


Charles Gould

Nancy & I & the girls just wanted to send a note to thank Gerry and
Lori for a fabulous time that we had at the Swim In. They both did an
amazing job, and everything was fantastic, from the lakes, to the food,
to the incredible fireworks. We all had a blast, and I can't thank you
enough for hosting and organizing this great event. Anyone who is
reading this list should make plans to attend next year's event.
Thanks again for a great time.
Charles & Nancy Gould

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I received a VERY nice gift in the mail today. A complete surprise, I received a video produced by John Howland of the Boston Swim in. THANK YOU JOHN!!!!

For those of you who missed it, We had a Swim In hosted by Gerry Obara and Lori Estes this past August. There was plenty of swimming and good conversations as well as entertainment and LOTS of great food and drink. There was a tech session hosted by Gord Souter on the shores of the lake where even the locals joined in for a look at the mysteries of our unique vehicles electrical system. A "sky illuminations" display rounded out the evening on Saturday and back Sunday morning for breakfast and good conversation. Many great memories were shared with old friends and many introductions of new friends.

HATS OFF to those who made such a lovely weekend!

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